Work Experiences:

• Deployment of 2000+ Computers and Equipments nation wide

• Implementing Standard Enterprise Workstation Platform (SEWP) for an unique environment

• Upgrading computer systems at various job sites

• Setting up and connecting to network at job sites

• Installing new software programs at customer workstations

• Implementing new software programs at job sites

• Data Transfer and Data Support

• Provide support and services to Hardware & Software

• Troubleshooting PC Hardware & Software

• Inventory of Hardware & Software

• Providing Support & Services (Desk-Side Support) for field work (Province and Nation-wide)

• Ability to provide work force of one person to twenty plus at any workstation/job-site on relatively short notice

• Ability to provide work force for emergency/weekend/late hours/off-office hours

Additional work experiences:

• Issuing a weekly/monthly progress & objective comprehensive report

• Issuing a weekly/monthly & end job work report

• Ability to assist Corporations with varying workforces from positions such as IT/computer clerk, data entry, inventory management, computer programmer, etc.

• Training employees to make use of new software programs

• Data entry and Preparation of spreadsheets

• Ability to assist Corporations with a careful and trustworthy manpower to handle PC Hardware and other valuable inventory

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